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28 February 2013

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WHOIS is a tool provided by internet registries (including regional internet registries). WHOIS can find more information about a domain name or an IP address, including the owner (useful for a domain) or even the Internet Service Provider (useful for an IP address).

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registrant type: organization
nameservers: [] [] []
created: 2003.03.08 00:00:00
last modified: 2023.03.07 11:19:30
renewal date: 2028.03.07 00:00:00

option created: 2021.09.17 11:56:00
option expiration date: 2024.09.17 11:56:00

dnssec: Unsigned

REGISTRAR: sp. z o.o.
ul. Gdańska 119
85-022 Bydgoszcz
+48.52 3667777
+48.52 3667788

WHOIS database responses:

WHOIS displays data with a delay not exceeding 15 minutes in relation to the .pl Registry system