The SEO and webmaster's toolbox. Get all the details on your website statistics.


View all Whois data for a domain name.

Availability of domain names

Check the availability of a domain name.

Test links of a page

Test the status of all links on a page.

Extract links on a page

Show all links on a page.

IP localization

Geographically localize any IP address.

Alexa traffic data

Find the main Alexa traffic data.

Extraction of HTML tags

List all HTML tags from a web page.

Encode / decode a URL

Encode or decode a URL quickly.

Server name by IP

Display the name of a server by its IP.

DNS records

Displaying the DNS domain registration.


Ask any URL or IP.

Websites on the same IP

List all websites hosted on the same IP.

Checking presence of a link

Check for your reciprocal links.

PageRank Tool

Test the PageRank of any URL.

Get the HTTP header

View the data in the HTTP header.

Load speed

Test the load speed of a URL.


Quickly find the IP address associated with a URL.

Server Status

Ask the server to know its status.